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Health Coaching ? Personal Training ? Nutritionist? 

It can be confusing. I know. Personal Training typically involves working one on one or in small groups with a certified Personal Trainer. Your Trainer designs an progressive exercise plan to help you meet fitness goals like getting stronger, losing weight, fitting into your old jeans and supporting you on your journey to a better you.

Health Coaching is all about habit change. It's about taking a deeper dive in to the obstacles and road blocks you may face - time management, confusion, stress factors, work and family obligations. The goal is to put you back in the driver's seat of your physical and mental health.

My decades of experience in health and wellness have taught me that comprehensive health and fitness coaching have the most sustainable effects on client health.  I want to work with you but I also want you to feel confident in leaving me behind when you realize that you're ready to create success on your own. With SMART goal planning, adherence and motivation, you should be coaching your own body in no time. 

My job is to teach you the skills and give you the tools you need to live well.