Open Your Mind. Move Your Body. Find Your Spirit.


I started working with Jo during my first pregnancy with my twins! She kept me motivated, active and healthy. I was back at the gym within weeks of delivery!
— Holly E.
I believe that Joanne Blackerby and her trainers at Spirit Fitness represent the most direct path to sustainable fitness and an achievable, healthy lifestyle.  In the eight months that I’ve been working with Joanne and her team, I’ve lost 44lbs, gained a ton of strength and literally added years to my life.  Now, I’m training to run a marathon.  I feel like a new person - one capable of doing or accomplishing anything!
— Stephen M
At 6’4 and 250+ pounds,  I was embarrassed about the way I looked and how far I’d let my body slip.  With support from Jo Anne B. and Spirit Fitness I came to enjoy exercise and eating more sensibly.  My weight loss was gradual and over 7 months stabilized at a lean 210 lbs.  Today, I sleep better and feel better about myself and the way I look.”
When renal cancer struck in April my conditioning at Spirit Fitness was one of the key factors that I attribute to my coming out the other side so quickly and in the right state of mind.  Now cleared to exercise again,  I look forward to adding Spirit Fitness back into my life.
— Chris C.