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 It's your Body. Be Your Own BOSS.

Personalized fitness training, nutrition and habit change coaching, medical exercise solutions and more. My professional wellnesss services vary depending on your goals, but they all come with the my promise of  personalized attention to your success.  Nationally certified and accredited, I’m a verteran fitness professional with over 25 years of knowledge and experience teaching people how live healthy and active lives.

It's not about how you Look.

It's about how you Live.

"More than one-third of adults in America are obese. About 80% of people  try to lose weight by themselves, but most fail and the latest CDC statistics show that we are getting fatter."

 Everyone has an opinion on how to tackle exercise and nutrition, but if you are tired of chasing calories, if you are confused about the best exercises for your body parts, I can help. I work with you to create a realistic nutrition and exercise plan that you can stick with. Period.


Personalized Exercise & Nutrition:

 One Habit At A Time

New Enrollment occurs on the 15th of each month. 

How it Works:

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3) Get ready to start with daily lessons, workouts and goal tracking!  If you have 10 minutes a day, you can do this.

Enrollment Fees: $75.00   Monthly Participation: $65.00

Learn  more about how the Pro Coach Men's program or the Pro Coach Women's program works and what to expect!


About Me

 Joanne Blackerby, ACE-PT, ACE-CMES, ACE-HC, Pn2

Joanne Blackerby, ACE-PT, ACE-CMES, ACE-HC, Pn2


 But most people call me Jo or Jojo. I started out in the professional industry while I was college,  teaching classes at the local YMCA. That was when fitness was all about tightening and toning. The obesity and health crisis proved the importance of  physical and nutritional fitness. I spent the last 20+ years refining the art of personal fitness. I am nationally recognized and maintain the most rigorous accredited certifications in my field. Learn more about Health Coaching vs. Personal Training.